Steve Pye

USATF Level 1 Coach/USATriathlon Level 2 Certified Coach/USA Cycling Level 1 (Elite) Certified Coach

Coaching Mission: To create competitive, healthy and well-rounded athletes. Helping to develop advanced racing skills and fostering athletes' passion and honing focus to create an environment where success is prevalent.

My international racing experience and longevity in endurance sports is the cornerstone of my coaching philosophy. At the age of 13 I was riding 100+ mile cycling events, by 18 was racing bikes in Belgium and around Europe and began competing in triathlons in the mid 80’s. My passion for endurance sports led me to be involved in the cycling industry for over 30 years and the triathlon industry for over 20 years. My involvement helped develop many athletes through personalized coaching, clinics and run or cycling analysis. In addition to being an athlete these experiences helped me create a well-rounded approach to coaching that includes much more than just the physical training needed to develop an athlete. Creating Practical Coaching and becoming a USATF, a Level II USA Triathlon and Level I (Elite) USA Cycling certified coach allows me the opportunity to professionally provide coaching services helping athletes fully develop their potential.

Steve is the owner of, a local coaching service that offers endurance coaching to triathletes, cyclists and runners.

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